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Q&A - Data Science Roles

1. Why should I choose Data Focus for my recruitment?

We specialise exclusively on delivering candidates with significant experience as Data Professionals for our Digital Health clients. Therefore, we stand out from other agencies and consultancies, who aim to do everything and provide various recruitment offerings in all industries and disciplines. We provide added value through our bespoke micro niche and can guarantee that candidates match your change needs.

This successful sourcing and placing of candidates for your specific requirements is based on our sound industry and sector knowledge and on our significant expertise in data science. We know that data integration is sensitive and critical topics for your business and require our informed understanding, based on asking the right questions and actively listening to your specific needs. 

2. What does Data Focus stand for?  

Data Focus is defined by its values and is passionate about making a successful and valued contribution to people and their businesses. 

Everyday and in every manner, we aim to provide customer service excellence in all our transactions - for our clients and our candidates. This is our DNA.

3. As a bespoke or niche recruitment practice, wouldn't you be more expensive than other agencies or consultancies? 

Not necessarily. We believe that we are able to provide an efficient service at a reasonable cost and our data science synergies add value through savings of time and money. 


For more information on the above services, please contact us or email us, and one of our partners will provide further details.