Diversity Policy

Data Focus (Global Talent™ Ltd) promotes diversity, equality and fair treatment in all aspects of its work.

We are committed to the diversity agenda and we abide by the Job Centre Plus and Recruitment and Employment (REC) Diversity Pledge.

It is our policy that as an employer of staff and as a provider of Recruitment and Business services, we will work to promote equality, equal opportunities and diversity.

We aim to promote fairness and respect to our staff and users of our services regardless of gender, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origins, disability, sexual orientation or political and religious beliefs.

We develop and support a diverse workforce and are committed to working practices, which ensure the quality of service to our clients, candidates and other parties. Discriminatory attitudes or behaviour from our employees are unacceptable and commitment to equal opportunities is a requirement.

We will achieve these aims by:
  • constantly reviewing our candidate attraction strategies to make sure we see applicants from the broadest and most diverse pool of talent available.
  • planning, delivering and monitoring our activities so that equality and diversity issues are considered from the outset.
  • applying objective criteria to assess candidate suitability for positions for our clients.
  • consulting with and educating clients about diversity issues.
  • recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce that is able to deliver value added quality services that are fair, accessible, appropriate and responsive.
  • monitoring and evaluating activities and results and reviewing policies and practices where required.